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Pvc banner fabric for printing

Vinyl material is reminiscent of the fabric awning for vans - a white banner earned high popularity as a vehicle for large-format inkjet printing. It is a soft PVC film containing inside a grid of polyester filaments, which provides the material with exceptional strength and elasticity. There are two ways to manufacture PVC fabric: polyester mesh by pouring molten vinyl (Curtain coating or cast banner), and by hot-welding of two layers of PVC film with a polyester reinforcing grid between them (laminated banner). Laminated Banner cheaper to produce, but in Russia no longer available. The density of pvc fabrics ranging from 280 to 680 grams per square meter. The surface is usually dull, at least - Glossy (only laminated banner). An established classification of banner fabric is as follows:

- Frontlit:

plain fabric for the press, which of necessity is highlighted on the front side lights.

- Backlit:

translucent fabric for light boxes (Lightboxes) - backlit images made of light sources located on the reverse side of the material inside the box. Backlit good passes and thus scatters light. The entire surface is uniformly illuminated light box, shadows and light sources are not visible.

- Blockout:

blocklighting pvc fabric for printing with a black layer inside the material. The printed image is not translucent. Typically, this banner can be sealed on both sides.

PVC fabric can be purchased in Moscow on a roll

Белая матовая ПВХ-ткань для печати сольвентными и экосольвентными чернилами, ламинированная, производства КНР.

3082 руб.

пвх-ткань для речати сольвентными чернилами

3298 руб.

пвх-ткань для речати сольвентными чернилами

3852 руб.

пвх-ткань для речати сольвентными чернилами

7704 руб.
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